Jigsaw Puzzles

All pictures can be sent as ecards from Jigzone. If you are unsure of a person's jigsaw interests, you can send it as an easy 6 piece puzzle.

Here are the links to the 17 newer puzzle galleries at Jigzone, with a brief description ...

Black & White Photos Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
I've been experimenting with turning pictures to black & white. :-)

Animals in Captivity Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
These are pictures of animals from various zoos and parks that we've visited.

Domesticated Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
This gallery is mainly pets and farm animals.

Native Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
While this gallery is mainly chipmunks and squirrels, there are a few other native animals in here that we've come across.

Birds in Captivity Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
These are birds from zoos, parks and aviaries. They include birds of prey and tropical birds.

Native Birds Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
We love to bird watch, and do get cooperative birds for photographing ... sometimes. Their pictures are here.

Waterfowl in Captivity Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
Waterfowl means ducks, geese and swans to me. These ones are mainly in parks.

Native Waterfowl Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
Here we have ducks, geese and swans that are free to fly away.

Conservatory Butterflies Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
The beautiful butterflies of the conservatories make up this gallery.

Native Insects Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
Here are butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, bees, and such we have found in parks and gardens.

Conservatory Flowers & Plants Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
The pictures here were taken indoors. Some plants may also be found outdoors and those pictures will be found in the Garden Flowers Gallery.

Garden Flowers, Trees & Shrubs Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
We visit many lovely gardens. While the gardens themselves are in Scenery, specific flowers, shrubs and some trees are in this gallery.

Wild Flowers, Trees & Shrubs Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
Along with the wildflowers, this gallery contains native trees and shrubs.

Scenery, inc. Sunsets & Sunrises Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
These are outdoor pictures from our jaunts all over Ontario, mostly natural areas, but also gardens.

Buildings & Other Structures Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
Here are buildings of all kinds in Ontario, indoors and out, bridges, etc.

Hodge Podge (Misc) Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere, is here. That includes, but is not limited to, food and food related, statues and sculptures, modes of transportation, signs, and weird stuff. :-)

Seasonal Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
Christmas pictures as well as pictures representative of the four seasons will be in this gallery.

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