My Writings

Second Chance
This is a contemporary story about a couple who reunite as adults, after having been best friends as children. I wrote it as a Valentine's romance.

Michael's Merry Christmas
This is a simple contemporary romance set against a Christmas background.

Summer at the Lake
This contemporary romance start started as a story about a couple with a special connection. Their best friends were supposed to be bit parts, but as the story went along, the relationship grew between those two characters, and so did their parts in the story.

Lady Arabella
This is a Regency period romance. It was fun to write but I make no claim to historical accuracy on any of the details. :-)

An Old-Fashioned Man
This time-travel romance is set in and around a cabin which is very important to the story. I've even drawn up a floor plan for the cabin!

Sylvia's Trilogy
Nick's Wood Nymph - A Time-Travel Romance did get two sequels, The Season for Love - A Regency Romance and Sylvia's Legacy - A Contemporary Romance and became a trilogy!

This is a romantic fantasy written in response to a challenge of some chat friends. Some might rate it PG-13.

The Whimsical Woods Adventures Index
These stories of a Faeryfolke started as a request for 'bedtime' stories from a friend on a message board and have become a sort of neverending story. It will be added to as the adventures continue. The Dreams couple even make an occasional appearance.

Hospital Musings & Ramblings
In the fall of 2001 I was unfortunately ill and hospitalized for a bit. This is some of my observations - both serious and humorous.

Beanie People
Being a Ty dealer during the height of the Beanie Baby phenomenon brought me in contact with wonderful people and this is a bit about some of them.

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